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Month in Review: Incoming vs. Outgoing April 2017

I'm starting a new monthly feature to keep track of my incoming vs. outgoing reads. I'd like to start decreasing my to be read pile of books, and I think this may help me be a bit more accountable to the actual numbers. I'm not trying to drastically reduce the numbers, but I'm hoping to at least read more each month than I acquire.

Here is how I fared in my debut month. If you want to see my ratings and links to those books that I reviewed, please visit my goodreads page here.

Incoming books: 18 (16 purchased, 2 sent via publisher)

Outgoing: 20 (12 books, 8 audiobooks)

Final result +2 (I had two more books coming off the tbr than I put on). I'm totally happy with steps 🙂

Hope you had a good reading month, now on to May!

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