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Month in Review: Incoming vs. Outgoing September 2017

I'm back (albeit a bit late) with my September wrap up. I'm taking a look at the number of books coming into my house within the month, versus the number I read. This is an attempt at taking down my gigantic to be read pile, which blossomed after BookExpo and my birthday in June. So, onto this month's results.

Incoming books I purchased = 5

Incoming from publishers = 6

Total Incoming = 11

Outgoing = 16 (9 physical 7 audio)

Monthly total: 11 incoming minus 16 outgoing = minus 5
Total last month = plus 61
New total = plus 56

Not quite as many knocked off this month, but that is mostly due to it being a light reading month compared to the last two. Even with that, I still headed in the right direction, so yay me!

How is your tbr (to be read) situation?

2 thoughts on “Month in Review: Incoming vs. Outgoing September 2017

  1. Elizabeth (Silver's Reviews)

    Very nice.

    I am reading THE STOLEN MARRIAGE - oh my - it is so good.

    I have a review today of THE WELCOME HOME DINER. Lovely read.

    HOUSE OF SHADOWS looks very good.

    You definitely have some good books in your stacks.

    ENJOY, and thanks for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog

    1. ondbookshelf

      Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. I just read your review of The Stolen Marriage, looks like it was a hit with both of us. The Welcome Home Diner is one of the next in my queue.


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